A Nashville-based electric guitarist and punk rock poet, Cassel converted from days as an acoustic folk artist to fronting a rock band with her trusty nicotine-patinated Strat, fondly known as “Old Yeller,” in tow. Combined with effortlessly melodic vocals, jazzy chords, and rock and roll attitude, one could call her music the fortunate meeting of Elliott Smith and Amy Winehouse. 

Cassel’s sophomore EP, Rinse Repeat, is an intimate look into the life and love of a twenty something struggling with mental health in today’s social climate. The EP explores the saccharine beginning and insecurity of new love, complexity of past relationships, and the tumultuous challenges of anxiety and depression. Her love of the electric guitar rings clear in the variety of tone from heavy distortion to wavy delays, overlaid with poetic lyrics and dynamic vocals. Each song is a microcosm of a specific emotion and point in time. Appropriate for its nostalgic soundscape, Rinse Repeat was recorded at Nashville studio Welcome to 1979, with some songs recorded to analog tape.