California Bay Area native Eva Cassel is bringing coastal vibes down south to Nashville, TN after graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2017. With a resilient punk San Francisco edge, her eclectic musical style combines the indie energy of Elliot Smith, the pristine vocal melodicism of Joni Mitchell and a dash of Amy Winehouse attitude. A self-proclaimed word nerd, Cassel’s poignant lyrics reflect her love of language and fascination with the human condition. 

“Everything”, her debut album, was recorded in the summer of 2016, while she simultaneously played in the greater Boston area. After a West Coast album tour she shared the stage with John Mayer at a songwriting clinic at Berklee College of Music.  

Cassel recorded her latest EP in December of 2018 at the famous Sputnik Sound. Awaiting the 2020 release you can find her playing with her band throughout Nashville.