You step into a legendary American rock club and hear velvety vocals singing poignant stories over the gritty tones of a faded vintage 1974 Stratocaster. The singer’s rawness is lightened by her laughter and dad jokes between songs. You’ve just walked into an Eva Cassel show. Buy a beer and leave the tab open — you’ll be here for the rest of the night. 

John Mayer described Cassel's writing as Thorough. Sincere. Thoughtful.

A Nashville-based electric guitarist and punk rock poet, Cassel fronts a rock band with her trusty nicotine-patinated Strat, fondly known as “Old Yeller,” in tow. Combined with effortlessly melodic vocals, jazzy chords, and rock and roll attitude, one could call her music the lovechild of Bonnie Raitt and Amy Winehouse.  

Cassel’s highly-anticipated EP, spaces you crawl in between, shares personal glimpses into transcendently-everyday human experiences. Leaving home, the tumultuous highs and lows of love, and loss of innocence are all present, and Cassel handles every subject with brutally sincere poeticism. Spaces You Crawl In Between can be heard on all streaming platforms.